Debating On Twitter Requires Superhuman Skill

Recently, Twitter has seen a herculean effort to unite atheists. This movement could be labeled astonishing, amazing, or perhaps spectacular. It is most certainly super. Atheists are teaming up to debate believers as well as support and defend innocent non-believers against the onslaught of religious proselytizers. It also good to have someone who can help you when a theist reports you for making sense and Twitter suspends your account.

This movement took a page right out of the comic books. The groups are named after famous superhero team-ups we all know and love. There is the Atheist Justice League (AJL), the Atheist Avengers (AV) as well as the Atheist X Men (AXM).

You can find more information on the Atheist Justice League here.

Over the weekend, I was recruited by the Atheist X Men group on Twitter. My Twitter account is still @Reason_With_Me but my new superhero name is AXM: Cyclops.

Please take the time to follow me on Twitter (see sidebar for follow button). Now, not only will you have myself on your side but also the entire Atheist X Men group to support and defend you in any theological crisis.


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