Science Class Too Hard? Try Creationism.

I resisted writing this blog because the stupidity of the content I am going to refute is embarrassing and honestly I shouldn’t even be wasting my time with it. But this author’s unbelievably brain-dead statements kept ringing in my head and I had to vent.

The article is titled: The Truth of Genesis: The Separation of Atheism and State. I know, I know. The title alone makes your brain hurt. Reading the article could make your head explode. I warned you.

The author claims that public school biology classes are teaching atheism. He defines atheism as a “religion of denial of a Creator.”

  • Biology classes teach biology. They are teaching science. Just because a side effect of true knowledge might lead a person to question unfounded claims about a god doesn’t make it an atheism class.
  • Atheism is NOT a religion. I have stated this point several times on this site. So far, in the first sentence, this author is wrong on two points.

The author goes on trashing real science, calling it an ideology and highly incredulous. Clearly this man has no idea what the scientific method is. He believes ‘god did it’ is not only common sense but closer to the truth.

Creationist are trying really hard to destroy our public education system. We can not allow them to turn our children into idiots. This author thinks the curriculum is restricted and demands that the “same class that teaches that “there is no Creator” must teach the opposing view. What opposing view? That god did it? What about another opposing view. I have one we can teach:

The Adam & Eve story really is a tale of how aliens landed on earth and did DNA experiments with the primates. They created humans by genetically altering the primates. Since then, aliens have been intervening with humans to direct us to some end goal which we do not know. Primitive man mistook aliens as gods and that is why we have gods today.

Should we teach that too? Do we have any evidence for this opposing view? Depends on who you ask.


Biology doesn’t teach that there is no creator. It teaches the science of life. It can not teach a creator since there is no evidence for a creator. And whose creator does this man want to be taught? The god of Islam? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Buddha? The Pink Fairy Gnome of Creation? All have the same evidence — NONE!

The author claims that atheists are using public schools for recruiting grounds for young atheists. No. We just want our children to be taught facts not myths (unless it is a course on mythology).

The biggest joke this guy has is he demands “separation of Atheist & State” HAHAHAHA. The wall of separation is between government and religion. AGAIN, Atheism is NOT a religion.

And then comes the real reason behind this author’s rant. He states that “many students first come to class with a belief in a Deity, then after science class indoctrination, come away with changed beliefs.”

Science class INDOCTRINATION? Seriously? This guy is just nuts. I can not even take this article seriously. It must be a joke… right? The fact that science is pulling people away from belief is simply because religion can not compete. If the evidence for a deity was so strong, these kids wouldn’t be walking away from faith. Knowledge is the enemy of religion. Reason is too. Kids are taught critical thinking. The author of this article doesn’t want kids to be taught to think, only to obey. Blind obedience to an unproven theology is a dangerous thing. We do not want our children to do that. Our country was formed by men who thought that blind obedience to a ruler was wrong and so they created a secular nation — not a Christian one (or one that worshipped any religion).

The author begins to ramble about what he calls the truth of history and then tries to defend it with mythology (Noah’s Ark, Moses, Adam & Eve). Maybe he meant to post this article on The Onion.

Finally we find out that he teaches a 6-hr class for science teachers. Ah-ha, an advertisement. So this bullshit is to sell his class to science teachers. Any science teacher that would take a class from this bozo should have their degree promptly taken away.

Where is the evidence that the class is teaching atheism anyway? Does he have an excerpt from a text book? Does he have audio or video? Where is this class that is teaching atheism. I want to know. This man is confusing teaching actual science with promoting atheism. That isn’t what is happening. Atheism has NOTHING to do with science… AT ALL. Atheism is simply the rejection of god claims. It says nothing about science, art, music, life, it doesn’t tell you how to live or what to eat. It tells you nothing at all. It only tells you that a person rejects the claims that have been made in regard to a god. So if science teaches the Big Bang Theory that isn’t atheism. Many believers also believe in the Big Bang.

The job of a biology teacher is to teach biology. It isn’t to promote atheism and it doesn’t. It isn’t to promote any religion either, especially unsubstantiated claims. It teaches the best answers we currently have based on real science. If you are a student who takes that and says ‘god did it’ so be it. If you are as student and you take what you’ve learned and reject god, that’s ok too. But we can only give students the facts and not pseudo-science that was created to make a god possible without any way of proving it. That IS NOT how science works. This author needs to actually take a science class–a real science class–before he says another word about education.

There are things you read and you think to yourself, there is no way this person is that stupid. Well, if his article is indeed honest, the stupidity is epic.


7 responses to “Science Class Too Hard? Try Creationism.

  1. Let’s repeat this again: Atheism is not synonymous with being “pro-science” and theism is not synonymous with “anti-science.”

    This mantra is not intended to educate and inform but to inculcate and brainwash.

  2. Anything that isn’t for god believers think is against god. And science is the biggest target because they can’t refute it. Their biblical assertions have no evidence so they claim it is a matter of “opinion,” but science has no space for opinion, it’s about using evidence to prove or disprove a hypothesis. Creationism is a unprovable fiction.

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