I got a pocket full of quarters, and I’m headed to the arcade


I spent an absurd amount of my youth in the arcade. It didn’t help that I grew up across the street from a mall. For the youth of the 1980s, the arcade was our mecca. It was what the malt shop was to the kids of the 1950s. Back then, I used to believe that when a person dies they gain knowledge of everything. I am not sure where I got this belief but it was there. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. Exhilarating because I just love knowledge. Terrifying because we all have done things we really don’t want people to know. Therefore, every encounter in heaven would be quite awkward.

1181242103213I tried to focus on the fun stuff. For example, while dropping yet another quarter into Donkey Kong at my local arcade–the awesome Space Port–I would often say that when I die, I want to know exactly how much money I spent in the arcade. I now know that the only way I can ever know the answer is to use math. I would have to figure out how many years I was frequenting the arcade, figure out an average spent per day and how many days per year and maybe, just maybe I would come up with a rough estimate.

There just isn’t a heaven where you will know everything. In fact, I have never heard of any description of heaven that even sounds remotely appealing for an eternity. I often ask believers what they think they will experience in heaven. Most often don’t answer. They tell me what they don’t expect. “Well, it will NOT be sitting on clouds with angels playing harps. That’s just silly,” they say. Amazing what religious people think is silly. And I bet some think it is just like that. Children do. I think it all sounds silly. Some explain that it is God’s love that you feel for eternity. Boring! Recently books by so-called doctors are coming out telling about their experience in heaven. These books are pure bullshit and have been debunked. But people are eating it up and it makes my head spin.

Next time you talk to a believer, ask them to really tell you what they think it would be. Then ask them if they think they would enjoy that FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. Hardcore believers will tell you that they want nothing more than to be surrounded by Jesus’ love forever, but that is so vague.

Since I know there are a lot of Christians who read this blog, leave a comment below describing what you think heaven is. A bright light = boring. White = boring. Love = boring. Tell me what you really think it will be. What does your holy book tell you it will be. I’ve thought a lot about this and I have only come up with one heaven that I think would be worth it. The problem is, even the heaven I came up with would be fun for maybe a few lifetimes but I can not see it being great for eternity.

The concept of an eternal heaven has never been clear. Let’s see if anyone can comment below and come up with an interesting heaven. I’ll blog about my heaven in the future.


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