Rick Perry wants Prayer and the Satanists Agree!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry believes that gun control will not help but prayer will.

“Guns require a finger to pull the trigger,” he said. “The sad young man who did that in Newtown was clearly haunted by demons and no gun law could have saved the children in Sandy Hook Elementary from his terror.”

Haunted by demons? What demons is he referring to? How does he know this? In ancient times, people mistook mental illness with demon possession. Are we to subscribe to first century myths as Perry suggests?
Mental illness is real. Demons are not.

Perry believes in demons and he believes that we can make more progress praying instead of making new laws.

“Above all, let us pray for our children.”

He continues:

“There is evil prowling in the world — it shows up in our movies, video games and online fascinations, and finds its way into vulnerable hearts and minds. As a free people, let us choose what kind of people we will be. Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help.”

Let’s blame movies, videos games and online “fascinations(?)” and not guns. So basically what Perry is saying is people are dying by guns, let’s wrongly place blame and do nothing about it. Prayer is doing NOTHING but thinking you are helping. Prayer has been scientifically proven to fail. Bad things happen in this world but praying to an imaginary god isn’t a solution. Does Perry visit a doctor when he is ill? Shouldn’t he just pray? Reason and evidence are the only tools that are proven to improve life. Prayer is the tool of the lazy and cowardice.

One group, however, would support Perry. The Satanic Temple is planning to rally to support Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s bill for prayer in public school.


I am sure the Satanists would agree with Rick Perry that we need to pray.

But this brings up an important question. If Rick Perry and Rick Scott (It must be the name Rick) believe that America will be better if prayer was allowed in public schools, who are we praying to? The Satanists are hoping that children will be able to pray to the Dark Lord, Satan! I think it is all bullshit. I don’t believe in Satan so it is just as ridiculous as praying to Jesus. But I don’t think praying to Satan is what Perry or Scott have in mind. But this is the natural progression of bringing prayer into public schools. Prayer to everyone needs to be recognized. Even Satan.

Laws work. Prayer doesn’t. It really is that simple.


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