Joe Activist: Hero of the Stupid!

ffrf_atheist_banner.jpgAn atheist banner that was paid for by the Freedom From Religion Foundation was torn down by a vandal of The Lord, Joe McDonald. He climbed 30 feet up a structure in a pubic square in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He cut down the banner and replaced it with an American Flag. Clearly, McDonald doesn’t know that America is a secular nation. His crime was caught by the local news and he even let them interview him. What did McDonald say about his actions?

“I just think in the light of the elementary school massacre in Connecticut, that we shouldn’t be divided as a country over petty stuff like is there a God or isn’t there a God,” said McDonald. “If they wanted to put the sign down here with us, that’s fine because we’re united. But to put it above everybody? No, it’s symbolic.”

Petty stuff like God? Hey, Joe! If a God does exist I wouldn’t call that petty. If he doesn’t exist, the fact that millions of people are wasting their time, killing and making laws based on faith isn’t petty either. And the height of the banner is what troubled him? Seriously? Another Christian WTF moment.

I don’t know what the massacre has to do with things in a public square. This is a case of someone who isn’t thinking much about anything and just trying to look like a hero. But whose hero is he? The stupid, I say. The reason the FFRF placed the banner there in the first place is because religious symbols were placed in a public square. That is unconstitutional. But if you can’t beat them–a protest by atheists failed to have the symbols removed–join them.

To date, nothing has been done to apprehend the vandal McDonald by the city of Wilkes-Barre or the police. In addition, the banner has not been put back up. Meanwhile, the criminal is all over the media proclaiming his guilt. Could you imagine how quickly an atheist would have charges against him if he vandalized a nativity scene?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the city insisting that they investigate the crime, you can read it here. Why is the city taking so long to address this issue? Are they hoping that it will go away with the holidays?

McDonald had this to say on his Facebook page. I almost feel sorry for him seeing how poorly this individual writes, but I can’t if he is going to go around defacing property and bragging about it. His mundane arguments (if you are able to decipher them through the horrendous spelling and grammar) are not even worth addressing. Everything about this act stinks of stupidity.


I won’t even go into debating McDonald’s Facebook statement. If you follow my blog, I have already refuted most of these claims already. But his rant is so moronic, it is laughable. It really isn’t worth my time to respond.

But I must bring up the point again that if anyone was to vandalize the menorah they would be branded anti-Semitic. If someone was to vandalize the nativity scene they would be labeled a Satanist. But when hatred is dressed up in faith-based garb, it is looked upon by simple minds as heroic and virtuous. I say make this joker pay a hefty fine. Maybe then he’ll try to use his brains in the future.

UPDATE: You can find out more about the vandal on Justin Vacula’s blog.


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