I was Raped by the Devil and I Liked it!

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?” – Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars (1977)

Jesus, if he existed, was a fool. He mistook mental illness for demon possession. That’s sooooooo 1st Century, right? Apparently not. A recent article posted by Charisma Magazine makes the claim that not only can a demon rape you but it can also make you… wait for it… GAY!

What I personally find strange about the article is its main subject left the demon possesion sex industry in 1979 when she found Christ. The article states that for nearly two decades, Contessa Adams, former stripper and author of Consequences, was raped by the devil. So that means she started this demon sex stuff in 1959. This is hardly a current event. And her book, which I can not find available to purchase anywhere online, appeared to be published in 1999. (If anyone finds this book, please send me a link. I’d love to review it.)

Do you know what a 1960’s stripper looked like? I’d say they were quite tame in comparison to today’s Go-Go Girls. Just look at the opening sequence to Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (jump to 1:05 minute).

So what we have here are sex crimes committed by invisible demons beginning over 50 years ago and ending over 30 years ago. And ever since, this Contessa Adams has had a ministry in which she exposes sexual demons. However, a google search doesn’t bring up much more than what I’ve already told you. Where is her ministry website? Shouldn’t she be easier to find considering all the men and women being brutally raped by incubi and succubi? Isn’t she our metaphysical superhero? What could she possibly do anyway? Let’s assume she was 21 in 1959. That would make her over 70 today. And she must have gotten ugly fast if she found Christ at 40. Why did the demons stop fucking her? Did she become repulsive–even to the eyes of Satan? I’m sure he has seen some really repugnant shit. But again, he IS Satan. I’m sure he just left her for a younger woman. And Contessa, bitter and alone, jumped into bed with the next guy who came along, which happened to be that snuggling-spooning-savior-god, Jesus.

Me So Horny, Me Love You Long Time

This shit makes for some really good movies. The Entity starring Barbara Hershey is a great film about a spirit raping a woman. It made Martin Scorsese’s scariest horror movies of all time list. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. But the reality is that demons don’t exist. What does exist is mental illness. How does science know this? Because it has been proven. It’s all brain chemistry. When people are paranoid, or suffering from this demon possession stuff, a doctor could prescribe medicine which balances out the brain chemistry and these delusions go away. It also has been shown that people experience this paranoia within the confines of their belief system. Someone who believes in Jesus and Satan will believe devils are doing the nasty with them. People obsessed with aliens will experienced being probed. And Harry Potter fans will most likely wake up next to Lord Voldemort.

For Christians, Adams warns them, “Fear is their forerunner. If you get paralyzed by fear, they actually will come and rape you. But if you draw near to God, Satan has to flee. Satan’s job is to suggest that you not draw near to God, so that he does not have to flee.”

Her cure is to get your house in order. Be right with the Holy Spirit. Great advice if you are a complete idiot. Since this article came out, those reporting on it are focusing on “demon sex makes you gay.” What Charisma Magazine says is this:

Sometimes they also lure people into homosexual behavior.

Adams says the succubus spirit that used to attack her confused her so much that she contemplated becoming a lesbian.

Yes, that is ridiculous. Yes it makes for a great headline. But the real issue here is that people take this bullshit seriously. We have an aging, untreated woman giving advice on mental illness. Because people are brainwashed early in life, they truly believe that the bad things they do are because of the devil. But Jesus is just a band-aid for this kind of mental illness. Without proper treatment, any Christian who thinks Jesus is saving them from demons could backslide and go back to living a shitty life, or worse, hurt someone. Christianity not only allows people to say, “the Devil made me do it.” but it also allows them to blame God for the evils they commit. We have seen this when mother’s kill their children because God told them to do so, and also when a former priest blamed God for making him sexually abuse boys. Something to think about – people hearing voices from God telling them to do evil things meant they were special in the eyes of God back in the Old Testament/New Testament days. Today, we lock them up.

Christianity is dangerous because it promotes this type of thinking. It allows sick people to walk around and be looked upon as virtuous. These sick people are poisoning the minds of many, including children. Contessa Adams states that she knows a woman who was so troubled by the pleasure the demons gave her. So much so that she contemplated suicide. Sounds like she needs to see a doctor, not a minister.

So what is the crime here? It doesn’t appear that Adams is complaining about actual sex with real people. Although, maybe she had issues with that too. Christianity has demonized sex for millennia. But sex is not evil or sinful. Sex is natural, sex is fun… sex is best when it’s…. Sorry, channeling my 1980’s pop culture. Now where was I? Oh yeah, sex. I think if

  • You are honest with whomever you have sex with about what it means, even if it is casual.
  • You are always safe
  • The sex is consensual
  • And the sex is not hurting anyone (emotionally or physically–unless it is consensual BDSM)

Then people should be allowed to have fun with whomever they want. Sex is not the big bad.

But again, she seems to be talking about sex dreams. Show of hands… how many of you want more sex dreams? Looks like all of you. Sex dreams are awesome. And these women seem to have been enjoying them thoroughly until Jesus came and fucked it up. This is Christian Thought Crime. People are beating themselves up for dreaming about sex. It makes sense. If they aren’t having real life sex because they think it is sinful, the brain will give it to you while you sleep. These people are preoccupied with sex but also repressing it and it comes out in their sleep. Now Contessa, the stripper, I would assume was having lots of crazy-wish-I-was-a-fly-on-the-wall-sex in her day. Good for her. Stripping is not a bad career if you have the body for it. Maybe she eventually felt guilty, because that’s what Christians do, and began repressing her natural instincts.

And what about the liberal Christians? Do they laugh at these people? Do they think demon possession isn’t real? Why not? Jesus cast out demons. Jesus believes this stuff. Should all Christians take Contessa Adams story and be preaching it to their children? Yes, if you truly believe, you should. But people don’t. They know better. They cherry-pick what they want to believe to fit the religion that best fits their lifestyle. I say throw it all out. Come to the atheists side. We have all the good stuff that you believe you need without the guilt and metaphysical baggage.

In summary, Contessa Adams is barely google worthy and completely not an authority on anything. She is an example of untreated mental illness and the dangers of Christianity. Sex is wonderful and shouldn’t be thought of as icky. The Entity is a great film involving demon rape but the all time best demon possession movie is The Exorcist. I don’t even believe this shit and that movie scares me. But most importantly, we all wish for wet dreams. Why is it that an atheist who would welcome a sexy demon-fuck dream doesn’t get it and a bible preaching, Jesus loving lady gets all the action? It’s just not fair!

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