Happy Thanksgiving

Taking the day off from blogging today to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Be back on Black Friday. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.


4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Awesome. Thank you for brilliant and challenging posts. I hope it is okay, for a fool theist, to tag along to learn, challenged and be informed by a person holding a different view of what we see around us.

    Your blog reader and new follower,

    • Thank you for taking the time to read. I decided to follow you as well. It is perfectly okay for anyone to follow my blog. As a rule, most theists I meet are not foolish, just the beliefs they have on faith I feel are foolish.

      • Thanks James. I totally agree to some point. I left Christianity and became an atheist for must of my 17-23 because I thought the belief my parents raised me were unwarranted and foolish.

        A girl, yes, a beautiful one who is now my wife, challenged me to understand early Christianity, philosophical and historical foundation of which I dearly rejected before I disagreed with her. She told me I could not say I find something foolish before I can say I understand it at its strongest point and I find it foolish.

        I left aviation for theology and philosophy because I loved her, but I ended up holding the foolish things 😀 I am mere Christian theist who is passionately in love with classical atheistic literature of Hume, Nietzsche, Kant, Marx and Freud.

        I love your blog and enjoy and breathe-taken by your beautiful mind.


  2. Thank you. I don’t know why you feel the need to label yourself Christian. All the wonderful things in humanity exists without Jesus. You are good without god. The rest, I believe, is just excess baggage. However, you are still seeking and as long as someone keeps questioning they can keep growing. “Believe those who are seeking truth, doubt those who find it.” – Andre Gide

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