Jesus was Hitler’s Co-Pilot

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – Jesus Christ speaking about the Jews (John 8:44)

The verse from the bible above showed up on Nazi road signs during the rise of Hitler’s Germany. The issue I was trying to make in the Facebook Christian Debate is that blind faith in holy books is a very dangerous thing. True believers throughout history were able to point to the bible to validate the persecution of witches, slavery, anti-semitism and anti-Judiasm and currently deny basic human rights to homosexuals.

I will say that my attitude toward Ignorant Christian #3, JOE is very aggressive.  He is the biggest fucking asshole out of the bunch. He really didn’t have much to contribute to the debate except name calling but I will address all his rants starting with the first.

Asshole Joe: “If you know so much about the bible and “more than most Christians about their faith” you certainly haven’t shown it here. So “Anti semitism and the holocaust was supported by the blame Christians put on Jews for killing Jesus”? Where do you get this crap? The reasons given for the holocaust were socio-economic and had nothing to do with Christian beliefs. You’re obviously a self proclaimed “expert” who perceives themselves as some sort of high thinker that is far above peoples idiotic belief’s in the “tooth fairy”. Unfortunately your far from that and are a simpleton who has a little information and a self esteem issue who uses this issue as your “badge of righteousness”. My sister made a simple comment about thanking God for her power coming on. You and this other idiot chose to take exception to that and begin attacking her over her beliefs. Anyone with half a brain understands that religeous beliefs are not to be argued about as they are her beliefs. Ones that she has every right to without your assanine commentary. I’m sure there is a Star trek site, Star Wars site or some other alien encounter sites that would love to hear your omniprescent theories on life. We don’t so F’ off!!!”

Before I beat the crap out of this piece of shit known to us as Asshole Joe and destroy his blatant denial of the role Christianity played in the extermination of six million Jews, let me say two things.

  1. I never claimed that the only factor in the holocaust was Christianity.  Socio-economic reasons also played a role. But the debate was about religion and how it factored into Hitler’s plan. Socio-economic was the only point Asshole Joe made here and he didn’t even go on to explain.
  2. All I did was ask a question about a person’s belief. I do not equate asking a question to “attacking.” This is Asshole Joe’s first response. How scary is it that a man can become so unhinged if his beliefs are challenged? This is why atheists are afraid to come out of the closet. Maybe this man is a stand-up character in his community but reading his hate spew out like daggers–well, he sounds pretty fucking dangerous to me. Let’s look at the hits I took for simply asking a question.
    • I am a “simpleton.”
    • I have little information.
    • I have “a self esteem issue” (amazing since he never met me, doesn’t know me and read a few comments in a debate).
    • I am an “idiot” who “attacks” beliefs (again, I questioned beliefs).
    • I have less than a “half a brain.”
    • I provided “asinine commentary”.
    • I do like Star Wars, Star Trek and Alien Encounters. I guess he is calling me a geek. Guilty.
    • I am omnipresent? This jackass doesn’t even know what the word means obviously. Apparently my theories are in all places at all times. AWESOME! In his defense, he spelled it wrong so maybe he meant another word.
    • Lastly, “Fuck Off!!!” – I have the balls to type the word Fuck.

I don’t want to sound cocky but I have studied the bible and I find that I do know more about Christianity than most Christians. This isn’t an anomaly. Most atheists do. It is said that the quickest way to atheism is by reading the bible.

To me this argument is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, when you deal with a brainless individual like Asshole Joe, you have to break it down and spell it out for him. But I’m sure even if Asshole Joe reads this he still wouldn’t get it.

Let me go back to the story of the crucifixion. The bible makes it very clear who is responsible for killing Jesus–the Jews. But the bible is not historically accurate when it comes to how a trial would have went down in ancient Judea from the time the trial took place to the idea that a monster like Pontius Pilate would have a problem with killing Jesus. What would the reason be to write the story in a way that places the blame of Jesus’ death on the Jewish people? It is obvious that the writers of the gospels had an anti-Judiasm agenda. Because of this the Jewish people suffered much under Christianity. In fact, historian Guenter Lewy said it best, “Hitler was merely doing what the Church had done for 1500 years.”

In order to see the connection all one needs to do is look at the father of the Protestant Church, Martin Luther and his seven point plan in his tract, On the Jews and Their Lies:

  1. Burning Jewish Synagogues
  2. Destroying Jewish Homes
  3. Destroying Sacred Jewish Books
  4. Forbidding Rabbis to Teach
  5. Abolish Safe-Conduct on the Highways for the Jews
  6. Confiscating Jewish Property
  7. Forcing Jews into Labor

The line is easily drawn from Luther’s plan to the plan of action the Nazi’s took. The anti-Jewish rampage of 1938 known as Kristallnacht saw Jewish synagogues, businesses and homes burned. Was it a coincidence that Kristallnacht spanned Luther’s birthday on November 10th?

Nazi Party propaganda clearly states it’s Christian anti-Judiasm agenda. The Nazi Party Program from 1920 reads:

“The Party as such reflects the viewpoint of a positive Christianity without being bound confessionally to any specific denomination. It battles the Jewish materialistic spirit.”

But that is the party you might say. Wasn’t Hitler an atheist? Isn’t his anti-religous stance the reason behind all this? The answer is no. Hitler was a Catholic and many of his statements clearly show his Christianity.

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator; by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

What Asshole Joe does which I find most repulsive is that he completely disregards the long history of Christian anti-Judaism that existed early on and all the way through Nazi Germany. Some would argue that it still exists but that is not which this debate is about. From the extermination of Jews in France by Pope Innocent II in the Middle Ages to Luther’s Seven-Point Plan, anti-Judiasm thrived. And it wasn’t a stretch for these atrocities to happen. All a believer had to do was point to their holy book for vindication. The Nazi’s clearly looked to Christianity to support the evils they inflicted on the Jewish people. For anyone to deny this is absolutely frightening.  Christians could and probably would argue that what Hitler preached isn’t Christianity but that is the problem with religion, isn’t it? It is whatever the believer wants to interpret as truth. That is why we currently have approximately 41,000 denominations of Christianity. Who is to say what is the right path? Again, Christians will point to the bible as a guide. To that I point to the verse that started this blog and show how one group used it for genocide.

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7 responses to “Jesus was Hitler’s Co-Pilot

    • Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I just went and read your post. I don’t put any supernatual weight to the word evil. If I use the word evil, it doesn’t mean it has any connection to a devil or Satan or whatever supernatual bad guy you can think of. Evil to me is doing something that causes unwanted harm on others. Hitler did indeed inflict unwanted harm on others and therefore he would be evil by my definition, as would Joshua and many other “heroes” from the bible. I believe the bible is an immoral book which has many evil recommondations within it.

      • That really was the point of my post. Either both are evil, or god is evil, or both joshua and Hitler were not evil. Very few people will agree to that last option, so the argument is either josuah and god are evil or Hitler was not. I agree with you. The Christian bible is an immoral book.

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