Top 5 Reasons Obama Backed Gay Marriage

In 1982 Superman kissed Michael Caine in the movie Deathtrap. People groaned. In 2012 the President of the United States backed same sex marriage. People are still groaning, hopefully not as many. So why did Obama come out? Here are the  Top 5 overheard reasons Obama went on record supporting gay marriage.

5. He is seeking more votes

This is a popular theory among Obama haters. This reason quickly fails when tested. For example, the same percentage of black voters in North Carolina who voted for Obama also voted against gay marriage. If this is true throughout the country, Obama runs the risk of losing votes. A gay friend of mine called his move political suicide. Even if it is political suicide, I’d prefer him to say what is right then to appease the masses by sitting on the fence.

4. He just finished Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Possibly the best season out of all 7 seasons, the love and pain that lesbian lovers Willow and Tara go through is enough for anybody questioning their stance to stand up and say “I love gay people,”

3. He is inspired by the totalitarian government in The Hunger Games

Paranoid folks and religious zealots who fear that the government is trying to enslave each and everyone of us might see the backing of gay marriage as a first step in destroying America and making it more like The Capitol in The Hunger Games series. You can just look at how they dress in The Capitol to see that they obviously support homosexuality. This reason or anything even remotely like it is complete nonsense since the facts show that the more secular and more accepting a nation is the more peaceful and happier its citizens are.

2. Obama IS Gay

Is Obama the first gay president? Is he tired of living a lie and he is doing everything in his power to pave the road of sexual freedom for when he leaves the White House so he can leave his wife and marry the man of his dreams–Robert Pattinson? Anything is possible.

1. He Used Reason

It is my personal belief that Obama always thought this way. At some point in his life he used reason to see that there is no non-religious reason to deny same sex the right to marry. The fact that it is illegal in most states is sickening since there is a clear separation of church and state. In the 21st century, laws are in place based off the writings of bronze aged, misogynistic, homophobic sheep herders. This is mind blowing. Humans inherently have a better moral code than what is in the bible. Anyone who uses their brain to sort this out for themselves will also say, “I support same sex marriage.”

No matter what the motive, it was a bold and brave move which I hope leads to more people becoming enlightened instead of breeding hate.


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